Standby And Rescue

OSHA regulations require that employers consider rescue of employees when working in Excavations, at Height or in Permit Required Confined Spaces. We can provide a cost effective alternative to training, equipping and maintaining your own rescue team.
Our expert teams have extensive experience in a wide range of environments such as pipelines and sewers, boilers, water towers, chemical and petrochemical facilities and pharmaceutical facilities. 

Teams are available 24 hours a day/ 365 days a year 

Confined Space Standby

Two thirds of all fatalities in confined spaces are “would be rescuers.” If an accident occurs in a confined space, the natural tendency of colleagues is to help, often without proper training and at their own peril.
Our teams of Professional Rescuers specialize in assessing and mitigating hazards, lowering risk and whenever possible, preventing accidents from occurring. We work with facility staff to identify dangerous conditions; safe means of access, egress and emergency removal; and will have emergency equipment in place prior to your employees making entry. Constant monitoring of conditions and communication with the personnel conducting the work make hazardous jobs safer for everyone.
In addition to Standby Rescue Services, by prior arrangement FDTSC can support your Confined Space Entry with technical assistance such as atmospheric monitoring, supplied air for airline respirators, and Confined Space Attendants. 

Trench Excavation Standby

Teams are available 24 hours a day/ 365 days a year